Easy-To-Use CRM

Octane gives you really easy-to-use CRM tools:

  • Centralised Contact Database
  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Follow-Up Activities
  • Web-to-Lead Forms
  • Sales Reporting


Octane gives you everything you need to make the most out of every sales opportunity you get.


Powerful Email Marketing

Send targeted emails to your contacts using Octane Email Campaigns.

Set up multi-step series and send them automatically using Octane Autoresponders.

Use Octane Web Forms to quickly create sign-up forms and include them in your website. When people fill in your forms, Octane will automatically add them to your contact database.

Total Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the "magic bullet" for your business growth.

Go beyond email marketing and autoresponders by using Octane's multi-format automated follow-up technology.

Imagine being able to automate your marketing campaigns, sales process and fulfillment processes by combining emails, letters and tasks. Octane makes it all possible.


No more multi-system nightmare!

Octane gives you everything you need in one, single software application – no more wasting time with multiple systems.
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Integrate Octane with your other systems

The Octane API empowers you to integrate Octane with your other business software to add a whole new dimension to your business automation. For example, when you win a deal in Octane you could automatically add the new deal into your accounting system! With the Octane API, the possibilities are endless.