Introducing J-Media Limited


 We were sick of having to use multiple systems to run our sales and marketing. We wanted one, single system that included everything we needed to manage our contacts, track our sales pipeline and run our marketing campaigns. 



Octane is the brainchild of J-Media Limited, a renowned UK technology company.


At J-Media, we specialise in creating “light touch” software that empowers our customers with great functionality without overburdening them with complexity.


At J-Media, we’ve been developing powerful, successful software for our clients for over 10 years. Well, for once we decided to deploy our skills to solving our own problems.


There were two problems we had around sales & marketing:


1. Time

We knew that if we wanted to grow our business to the next level, we needed to take more action. We needed to continually run marketing campaigns to generate a steady flow of new leads. We also needed to get really good at following-up with our unconverted leads for as long as it took. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time or manpower to do it effectively.


2. Multiple System Nightmare

We found ourselves in the situation where we had to use several different software tools for our various sales & marketing activities. None of these tools talked to each other, so we had duplicated contacts all over the place and the whole thing was just painful and time-consuming. Worse still, it meant that we often ended up not taking action.


We wanted a software system that:


1. Take away a lot of the manual effort involved in sales and marketing by automating as many tasks as possible


2. We wanted everything in one, single software tool


We looked around but there was nothing on the market that satisfied all of our requirements, so we decided to create our own and the result was Octane.


Octane has enabled us to overcome our problems and really grow our business without having to hire lots of extra people. The great news is, Octane is now helping lots of other businesses like yours to do exactly the same thing.







 Software should make your life easier, not harder.

Our goal at J-Media is to empower our customers with easy-to-use software that gives them all of the functionality they need without being overcomplicated.

Dave Graham, Managing Director
J-Media Limited