Everything You Need To Grow Your Sales


Octane gives you everything you need to drive your sales and marketing to new heights!

Manage Your Contacts

Manage and store all of your contact data in one place. Clients, prospects, suppliers, partners - Octane is your centralised address book.
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Powerful Searching

Find contacts quickly with Octane's built-in search engine. Use the Power Search tool to perform deep searches on any data you store, from location to age to purchase history.
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Unlimited Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contact records to track additional information that is relevant to your business, such as date of birth, interests or gender.
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Contact Groups

Slice and dice your contacts into specific groups that you can target with very relevent messages. You can segment your list based on whatever criteria you like, such as clients, prospects, partners, industry, postcode, job title – whatever you like.
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Personalised Email Campaigns

Send targeted email campaigns to your clients and prospects right from inside your contact database. Octane automatically personalises your emails, such as adding the first name to the hello line. Take a look


Write your follow up messages in advance and Octane will send them for you over weeks, months - even years! With Octane's autoresponder, your automated series can include emails, letters and manual tasks (such as phone calls). Take a look

Get Leads From Your Website

Octane makes it easy for you to add forms to your website to capture your visitors contact details. When a website visitor fills in your web form, they are automatically added to Octane as a contact. There’s no manual work required. Take a look

Track Your Leads & Opportunities

Successful sales growth is about managing your leads, developing your pipeline and managing your activities effectively. Octane will help you make the most out of each and every opportunity you get. Take a look

Analyse Your Performance

Use Octane's powerful reporting to analyse your sales and marketing performance. You'll see who's winning the most sales, which campaigns are generating the most leads and much more. Take a look

Private, Secure Hosting

We take your data security very seriously. Our hosting platform is not shared with any other vendor and all of you data is protected, secured and backed up continuously.

Quarterly Upgrades

Octane is upgraded every quarter with great new features. What's more, when you join the Octane family you can suggest the features you'd like to see.

Support You Can Count On

We're committed to helping you to become as successful as possible. Our team of Octane Experts are on hand to help you get the most out of Octane for your business.